A Life In Tandem

The journey of a lifetime begins with tragic news and a tandem bike. Can Luke embrace a world’s worth of experiences, repair a fractured relationship, and reach Beijing before his cancer catches up with him?


After receiving a diagnosis of stage four cancer and given just months to live in June 2018, Luke Grenfell-Shaw vowed to himself that if he ever got through the experience, he would live out his lifelong dream of cycling across the world on a tandem bike.


Against all odds, Luke responded to chemotherapy and surgery and on 1st January 2020, set out on his epic expedition with the backseat of his tandem occupied by over 300 people. The expedition joiners included others living with his cancer, people he met along the way, and his unstoppable mum, Jenny. Coronavirus and closed borders added to the obstacles of headwinds, mountains and faulty brakes.


Mike joined Luke in the UK, Ukraine, Georgia, Pakistan and India to document the journey. We’re currently in post-production on this project and can’t wait to share this incredible story with the world.