Able Child Africa

Able Child Africa

The Context

There are 60 million people with a disability living in Africa, the vast majority are children. Able Child Africa works with local partners to protect, educate and empower children with disabilities so they are able to fulfil their potential.

The Brief

AbleChildAfrica approached Rumsey Films to collaborate with a Tanzanian filmmaker to produce a case study video to illustrate their impact working with disabled children in Africa.

The Results

We worked with the charity every step of the way from developing the case study video concept and planning interview questions to recording a voiceover and completing the edit to meet the needs of the project. We also altered the final product in order for it to appeal to a local Tanzanian audience.

Mike did an amazing job stitching together the music, visuals and voiceover to produce an emotionally engaging end product that told the story of the young girl featured in a very powerful way. Rumsey Films showed enormous patience and professionalism when issues at our end meant significant changes needed to be made half-way through the project. He was accommodating and flexible and definitely went the extra mile to make sure what we got what was needed delivered to a tight deadline.

Hannah Taylor – AbleChildAfrica