Newton is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement, fuelled by a fundamental belief that even the best organisations can be better.

Newton and Rumsey Films have been working together since 2019 and have produced a range of impactful films such as event films, brand films, recruitment campaigns, animations and internal comms. 

Our Leaders

‘Our Leaders’ shines a light on Newton’s commitment to inclusive leadership throughout the organisation. 


Rumsey Films proposed a stripped back series of candid interviews in which Newton’s leaders could share their thoughts. 

Newton YOU

Newton YOU is a new way of looking at the rapidly growing organisation’s company culture, and how best to reach everyone? With an impactful video series of course! Newton and Rumsey Films worked together to plan and produce the video series that has been well received within the organisation. 

Annual Conference

Newton and Rumsey Films have been working together since June 2019, producing highly successful recruitment campaigns, internal campaigns, CSR films, event highlights, training videos, animated explainers, social media content and more!

Career Films

Rumsey Films scripted, planned, shot and edited these ‘A Day in the Life of’ recruitment films. The films were the centre of the graduate recruitment program which exceeded targets. 


The films we Rumsey Films and Newton have created together have resonated with internal and external audiences, whether they set out to attract graduates to apply to roles, inform perspective applicants about Newton’s culture, they’ve achieved a hugely positive response.

Summer School